Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Voice in the Still

I was sitting in church this morning - pretty much like any other Sunday morning. I make a shameless statement in saying that I love my church. It's genuine, it's hard-hitting, and it's water to this thirsty woman. But this morning, I had a nagging question in my head: "WHY does God allow faulty human beings to showcase his perfect, flawless love to other people?" Why, in God's wisdom, does He see fit to give examples of what He true love really is? Don't we massively screw it up without even thinking about it? Aren't we perfectly unloving when we're supposed to be absolutely unconditionally loving?

I asked God: "Why do you let us screwed up humans carry your love about? Why put precious ointment in an old, cracked, useless container?"

When the answer came, I couldn't really describe, not even after the fact. I love words - written or verbal - almost more than any other form of human expression, but this didn't come in human words. This was more of a verbal-feeling, if that makes any sense. I almost have to "translate" what went on.

His answer: "My love is all the more amazing when it is carried to the unlovable and the unsaved by flawed humans who WANT to learn to unconditionally love."

The answer came and I felt absolutely stunned. I have no doubt that God and I were having a conversation (it wasn't the constant Congressional debate that goes on in my head much of the time), but His answer was so painfully simple and logical that it blew me away.

I want to say thank you to my Lord for just sitting down and talking it out with me. You know that I'm just as flawed as the next person, that I continuosly slip and fall, that I don't love when I should, but I'm so grateful that you love a perfectly unlovable human just the same. Thank you.